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CCTV Systems

Making Criminals Famous

The traditional CCTV system typically consists of one or more CCTV cameras, hard-wired to an embedded Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Within the DVR box is a hard disk for storing captured video from the cameras.


IP CCTV Systems

IP CCTV Systems are the latest evolution to the CCTV world. Generally, data & feeds from cameras is transmitted through network cables or wifi, as opposed to the traditional co-axial cable or twisted pair. Through cabled network cameras, it is also possible to do away with seperate power supplies for each camera, as some IP systems support Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning the cameras get their power from the same cable that transmits the data (equipment depending).

The main advantage of an IP CCTV System is the quality of live and recorded feeds. The network cables connecting the cameras are capable of transmitting a lot more information, and therefore sharper and larger images are relayed. It is possible to view feeds at true HD (1080p) - compare this to your HD Sky tv receiver at home, which only transmits in 720p! This could make picking that suspicious face out of the crowd a lot easier.

Scalable CCTV Solutions

NX1 (UK) Limited have a combined 50 years experience in tailoring full CCTV systems to our clients needs. Our clients range from large companies with around 130 CCTV cameras and multiple DVR boxes on a single site, right down to small business and domestic users.

Traditional CCTV Systems

For businesses requiring larger and more heavy duty CCTV Systems, NX1 (UK) Limited are experts in providing, installing and maintaining scalable CCTV systems for larger corporations or where many CCTV cameras are required. 

Our CCTV matrices can be combined with existing CCTV Cameras through traditional cabling or fibre optic cable, and can handle feeds in excess of 200+ cameras. The system is entirely scalable, and expanded upon as sites or needs grow. The equipment is also rack-mountable for use in server cabinets, or free standing.

Contact us today. Our experts can advise you on the best fit CCTV System for your business or home.

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