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CCTV Maintenance

Keeping Your CCTV Running

All CCTV systems will require some degree of maintenance in their lifetime to ensure longer life of the equipment, and eliminate or reduce system failures. Through regular maintenance, problems can be identified and solved before becoming an issue, and where necessary, repairs can be carried out to prolong the life of your equipment and ensure your captured CCTV feeds meet requirements.


When providing CCTV maintenance checks, NX1 will evaluate your full CCTV system. These checks include:

DVR / NVR Functionality


Power supplies to CCTV Equipment

CCTV housings & lenses

Camera field of view

Playback & recording quality

Camera fixings & brackets

Staff operation & training where necessary.


In the event of CCTV system failure, NX1 customers will have an engineer on site within 8 hours of your call being logged, as per our service level agreemnet. Where possible, repairs will be carried out either on site, or through remote access (where available).

Simply Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide the perfect solution.

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